Dear Friends ~

April erupts with Easter! It’s just suddenly, startlingly, here! So I say, but of course, the story we celebrate is familiar – perhaps too familiar to our ears.

And yet, even as Easter comes with its surprise ending of empty tomb and startled disciples – I wonder if this foundational story to our faith still has power for us. Have we grown too used to hearing it? IS there anything new in the resurrection of Christ Jesus to startle us – to make us sit up and take notice again? To invigorate, inspire and energize us?

Or is it just foolishness? Are we fools for coming back to it, expecting to be inspired yet again? You are, I’m sure, aware that any number of folk think we are just that. Faith is, after all is said and done, foolish, trusting in something that we can’t see. How can we come to experience Christ as profoundly as did those first followers so long ago right here? Right now?

And yet, this foolishness was life-giving! In some Way, in their shared life after Jesus’ death and resurrection they saw and experienced him continuing to lead them on the Way. They followed the Risen One towards whole, reconciling, relationships with Neighbor and Creation. It was a Way and a faith that proved to sustain. And over the course of more than two thousand years, others have experienced how the Christ continues to give life and sustenance, even in the dark-est of times.

The Powers that Be that thought they’d killed him continue to hold great sway in this world. As we re-tell the story each year, we’re called to the challenge to listen with fresh ears for the meaning and the message for our day.

And so, we look for the Risen Christ! We look for The Holy One’s activity in our world. We listen for Jesus’ continuing call to follow him in the Ways that heal and reconcile the deep inju-ries and hurts of our time. We look for things that grow; we partner with those who are reach-ing out to heal others with works that bring justice and peace. We look for ways to bring hope to the poorest and most marginalized among us. We search for ways that we might more fully em-body a community whose arms reach wide to embrace the world with Christ’s Holy Love.

He is there! Christ lives! And we, too, are on the Easter Way with Him ─ an arms-wide-open, welcoming body of Jesus-followers.

In the Peace of the Resurrected Christ,