Greetings in Christ’s name!
I hope that this finds you very well.

It’s August! How do your gardens grow? With July rains behind us (?) they must be as verdant as one could hope for! We’ve been harvesting tomatoes and we’re still picking blueberries and raspberries. The peaches are swelling on the tree and second plantings of beans are coming up strong. What a delight!

This abundance reminds me of opportunities to share the richness of our gardens. Thanks to neighbor t breeze verdant, (yes, that’s his name – and if you haven’t met him yet, I hope you will soon, and perhaps have opportunity to see his marquetry or hear his music)) who constructed two “Veggie Stands,” one of which occupies a place in front of our church building, we’ve a perfect way to share. The other veggie stand, by the way, stands in Williamsville. Both veggie stands grow out of the initiative of our friends of the West River Valley Mutual Aide.

I am delighted with veggie stands. I like the idea in principle. The beauty of a neighborhood veggie stand is that everyone has opportunity to share, and everyone takes responsibility to look after what’s there to make sure that veggies that have “gone by” are removed and composted. We all take care of it.

And more – since Newfane Church stands at the heart of Newfane Village – what better place for sharing to happen – where a people of faith hold the village in its heart! It’s another way through which we connect with and support the community outside our building. That such sharing is critical to the well-being of our community couldn’t be more important right now. Hunger is still very much an issue in our community and in our state.

Such sharing is also so important, because it causes me to remember that Heritage Festivals could never have succeeded without the support of all our friends in the community. Living in community is an exercise in mutuality!

So – take a moment and visit the veggie stand. Visit if you have something from the garden to share – join in caring for it. With everyone on board, what a good thing it’ll be for you, me and the whole village.

Almost seems like an invitation – to join God in delight for all the gifts of the summer! In this simple act of sharing, we demonstrate who we are: a people whose desire it is to live more fully into Jesus’ vision of what it means to be “beloved community,” with eyes that see the needs among us and strive to bring a measure of solace and joy to all who long for wholeness.

In Christ’s peace,