Dear Friends ~

Now moves upon us God’s summertime, the long daylight, The drowse and the hum, and the distant quiet.
Now are birdsongs in thickets, And hills in haze, and backyards in shade.
Now are secret ripening’s in fields, And boys growing tall, And the green evening around our houses.
God in God’s pleasure gives us this season. The airs declare God and God’s glory. God surrounds us with love. Praise God for summer and the changing year And the years of our lives.
Praise God for the outward signs And the inward grace.
From Sabbaths, Sacraments, and Seasons, by Arnold Kenseth

I’m a summer-person. Give me Spring, then Summer. More than any season, I confess, the great summer season blesses and nourishes me! Perhaps it’s because for the first eleven years of my life in the Philippine Islands, summer was the eternal season.

And, now – here we are again: the promise of summer brings gardens growing lush and tall, garlic scapes curling and winding, beans popping out of the ground, and berries! – all soaking in the Sun’s warmth and brightness.

Praise God for seasons, and Sabbaths and sacraments! Summer has its own vitality − God re-creating yet again with seemingly mad abandon. God’s extravagance is there on full display. Is God at play – all this creating, and re-creating? It’s as though God were drunk with the sheer love of making beauty. So many stars – and galaxies and universes! So many billions of light years! So many plants and animals and insects! Oh, yes – so many insects. Someone once said that God was inordinately fond of beetles – God made so many different kinds of them!
“Perhaps God was drunk,” a poet suggested.
What could inebriate God, you ask?
“Love,” she replied. “What else?”
What else, indeed!
Almost seems like an invitation – to join God in delight for all the gifts. Sometimes it seems to me that it’s just what we need in this post-pandemic time – to take time for recreation, rejuvenation and renewal in the gift that is the beauty of the place where we live. I imagine – that as a people who are thus renewed, we’ll be ready yet again to be drawn into God’s love even more intimately – we who are all loved in God’s great exuberance! Then, as a people who revel in being loved, we’ll see with even more clarity how to love both the forgotten and the vulnerable and those who dominate for the sake of private gain. As a people so loved, we’ll live even more fully into Jesus’ vision of the “beloved community,” with eyes that see the needs among us and strive to bring a measure of solace to all who long for wholeness.

Praise God for the outward signs, and for the inward graces!