Dear Friends

February already! Can you believe it? Just about in the middle of the month, what do we find, but a warm spot in the midst of mid-winter’s bleakness: Valentine’s Day! Love is at the heart of the month.

We’ve come to expect February to be the heart of the season of cold. Kind of neat to have Valentine’s Day right there. Valentine’s cards profess love to those for whom we care.

There’s so much one could say about love. It is, of course, a central theme for people of faith. Yet, living in a world that tells us that one has to earn love, there are many voices with different messages that clamor for our attention. There are the voices that say, “you gotta prove that you’re a good person and worthy of love.” Other voices prey on our sense of guilt: “You’d better be ashamed of yourself.” Then, there are the voices that say, “Nobody really cares about you,” and the voices that say, “You need to be successful, popular and powerful to deserve love.”

Thank goodness we answer to a higher authority – the One who, from the very beginning of the creation has spoken to us in the still, small voice that says, “You are my Beloved. You delight Me!” Everyone receives this valentine! It’s the Good News at the heart of everything that invites us to live into the healed wholeness of our birth. It’s the voice we need most of all to hear.

Attuning our ears to hear that voice, however, takes a little practice. It needs quietness of heart, solitude. It needs silence and a determination to listen. In truth, that’s what prayer is: listening for the voice that calls us “My Beloved.”

When we come to trust that Voice, we discover an amazing capacity to love others without limit or qualification. When we do, we become Good News! It’s in just such a way that God is present right here in our world, with us. This is the “Way of Jesus” that empowers living with a growing and clear-eyed vision and a compassionate and powerful love.

So, keep on walking the Way. May this month of love be fruitful in you!

In the Christ’s Peace,