Dear Friends and Members of Newfane Congregational Church,

Greetings in Christ’s Name.

The Apostle’s greeting to Timothy in his second letter inspires me to be full of gratitude. I hear stories as I call around speaking with folk in Newfane and environs about the way in which you all have participated in binding up the needs of church and community, reaching out to each other, making face-masks for healthcare providers, delivering food and other necessities. We were made for community, even while having to find new ways of being community together. And further, I’m hearing others tell of reasons for gratitude, even as we, too, long to “see each other so that we may be filled with joy.” We keep each other in our prayers these day, even as we hold our communities, our nation, and all Creation in prayer.

This note comes with an attachment – a copy of Sunday’s (Palm Sunday!) worship bulletin. It comes with an invitation to download and print (or simply use it from the screen) as we share worship together wherever we are. We expect that the service will be available on our website for our usual 10  am service. Just click right here → , and it should take you right to our website’s audio links.

I also want to invite you to celebrate The Lord’s Supper with me! This Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, and as such, it’s our custom to share communion together. Here’s a suggestion. Make a place ─ it could be a coffee table, or your dining room table, or wherever it is that you can both listen to the worship audio-link and have a place to have some bread and juice ready for our time together. The elements should be what’s on hand ─ please don’t go out and buy anything!  God can make holy whatever we have, if done in the right spirit. You might want to place a candle nearby the elements. Whatever makes the space “a space apart” for a moment. The bulletin will have all the words we need to say together in order to share this meal together in the community of the Beloved.

And finally  if you’re able to drive by the building of Newfane Church, come by and pick up a palm leaf or a leaf that has already lovingly been folded into a palm cross for you. The palms should be available outside the front door of the church building from Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning.

If you would like to be included in our morning prayers, or have joys and concerns you would like to lift up in our time together, please let me know by Friday evening, as we are pre-recording each service on the Saturday before.

And, always: please call or email me. I’m grateful for your communications at any time. Call the church (365-4079) and leave a message – we’ll be checking for messages regularly, of call me at my home (603-357-4822) if anything arises. Email me at email:

Know, always, that we are held in a steadfast, boundless love, and that love will see us through every difficulty.

Take good care; be safe, kind and always hopeful.
In Christ,

Rob Hamm
Pastor, Newfane Congregational Church
An open and affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ.